Hemingbrough, near Selby, Yorkshire

Hemingbrough does not have a traditional village war memorial.  There are various memorials in St. Mary’s Church including the Parish Clock next to which is a notice of Wm. Potts & Sons Ltd., of Burley, The Guildford Clock Works, Leeds 4 who recommended clock winding should “be done as near the same time each week as possible – say every Monday morning – preferably directly after the attendant had got the correct telegraph time from some reliable source.” 

This Clock is erected

to the Glory of God

And in Honour and Gratitude

To the Men of this Parish

Who joined His Majesty’s Forces

During the Great War

1914 – 1918

And who through Victory brought Peace




There are two Rolls of Honour in St. Mary’s Church, one a stone tablet, the other a framed parchment.  There are discrepancies between them.  H Copperthwaite on the tablet, for example, is H Copperwheat on the parchment and the local names Cawkill and Lolley are Cawkhill and Lolly on the tablet.  The 1911 Census of England, the first to be filled in by the Head of Household instead on a Census Counter with his or her spelling of whatever they thought they heard, wrote ‘Harry Copperwheat, Age 13. Born 1898, At School’. 


Roll of Honour

Men who served in the Great European War from the Townships of Hemingbrough and Brackenholme.  1914-1919.


                            Detail from the 1911 Census

E Armitage              Ernest. Age 13. Schoolboy. Born Hemingbrough


H Armitage

H Armitage

F Carr

F Cawkhill

H Copperthwaite      Harry.  Age 13. Schoolboy. Born Hemingbrough

                            Harry Copperwheat, of Chapel Field Hemingbrough,

                            Ploughman, served with the West Yorkshire Regiment and

                            The Machine Gun Corps from November 1916 until February

                            1919.  He spent 15 months in France.  Imagine how he must

                            have felt after serving in the Great War then to return home

                            and the local Lord of the Manor couldn't get has name right.  

C Cowling

C Cross

R Cross

E Creasey

C Fairweather

J Fletcher               Job. Age 19. Farm Labourer. Born Barlby


W Graves               Walter.  Age 15.  Farm Labourer. Born Holme 

A Graves

J Gilyeat

C Haddlesey            Charles.  Age 13.  Schoolboy. Born Hemingbrough

W Hudson               William.  Age 25.  Farm Labourer. Born Hemingbrough

H Hannaball

H Fowler

E Fitton

E Jenkinson             Eric.  Age 8.  Born Hemingbrough

G Lee                     George Terry.  Age 15.  Farmer’s Son. Born Hemingbrough

P Lee                     Percy.  Age 13.  Schoolboy.  Born Skipwith 

E Lolly                    Enos.  Age 39.  Hay Cutter (Dry).  Born Hemingbrough

                            Enos Lolley born about 1871 served with the West Yorkshire

                            Regiment from October 1888 for 13 years until October 1901

                            in Britian, Gibraltar and South Africa.

W Lolly                   William.  Age 13.  Farmer’s Boy.  Born Hemingbrough

C Broader

T Mason                 Thomas Henry.  Age 22.  Blacksmith.  Born Winsdale

R Mings

W Myers

C Oldridge

J Plows

C Parkinson

L Robinson

L Robinson

H Robinson

A Robinson              Arthur.  Age 16. Farm Labourer.  Born Fryston 

J Routh                  Joseph. Age 13. or James. Age 17?

B Smith

J Smith                   James.  Age 13.  Schoolboy.  Born Hemingbrough

J Terry                   Joseph.  Age 13.  Schoolboy.  Born Hemingbrough

E Terry                   Ernest.  Age 10.  Schoolboy.  Born Hemingbrough

A Terry                   Alfred.  Age 16.  Farmer’s Son.  Born Hemingbrough

V Tomlinson

H Tomlinson

W Tomlinson

A Tomlinson

J Tune                   John.  Age 19.  Bricklayer’s Apprentice.  Born Hemingbrough 

D Tune                   Dodsworth.  Age 15.  Farm Labourer.  Born Hemingbrough 

A Williamson            Albert.  Age 14.  Born Castleford

W Williamson

A Ward


This tablet was erected by W Banks Hemingbrough Hall and Sisters in honour of the above soldiers.


Missing from the Memorial: Richard Wilson of Chapel Field Hemingbrough, bachelor, age 32, a letter deliverer, son of Elizabeth Slater of Lund Bridge, Cliffe, volunteered to join the East Yorkshire Regiment on 10 December 1915, transferred to The Lincolnshire Regiment, served in India and was demobilised on 24 January 1920.





Our Roll of Honour

“Pray for those who have gone from this Parish to serve our King and Country by land and sea and air.”


The names are listed in three columns starting alphabetically at the top then more names were added to the foot of each column and then squeezed in when necessary as men went to do their faithful duty. 


Herbert Armitage

John Ed Atkinson

Leonard Atkinson

Thomas Atkinson – Killed in action

Joseph Bell

George Cross

Robert Cross

Harry Carr

Fred Firth

John Fletcher

Walter Emmett

John Golton

Walter Greves

Arthur Graves

William Hanson Hallet

Herbert [illegible]

John Harrison – Died of dysentery

Joseph Hugh Harrison

William Arthur Hudson

Alfred Ernest Terry

Arthur Robert Driffill

William Dorsey

John Newsome

Jennings Newsome

Lance Newsome

Ernest Carr

J Askham

G. Lee

A Robinson

W Myers

Margrave Thompson

J W Tomlinson

C Calvert

E H Eddey

George Tomlinson

Gordon Pratt

James Holman

Leonard Howden

James Cecil Hanniball

Edward Hanley

James H Hoyle

Charles Holdridge

Edward Wm Joad

George Kelsey

Enos Lolley

William Lolley

George Lee

R G Mings

Ernest Hy Newsome

John Riley

Louis Robinson

James Routh

George G Andrew

F W Agar

Edward Jenkinson

Stewart Bramley

George Lee

James Plowes

George Broader

George Tindall

Ernest Armitage – Killed in action

G H Tutty

L Routh

A Robinson

H Copperwheat

W Bell

G Fairweather

Joseph Terry

A A Whiteley

T Tomlinson

Jack Stephenson

C H Atkinson

Benjamin Smith

James Wm Smith

Sidney Stephenson

George Tindall

Arthur Tomlinson

Vincent Tomlinson

Albert Louis Tutty

John J Tune

Edwin Dodsworth Tune

Albert Tune

Bertie Walls

Percy Walls

John Whiteley – Killed in action

Charles Wright

Henry Whitaker

William Williamson

George Wetherall

Jennings Tune

Unknown Simon

Thomas Henry Mason

Ernest Hurst

Edmund Fitton

Fred Cawkill

Charles Snowden

James Snowden

Harry Armitage

P Lee

W Threadgold

Albert Williamson

C Blanshard

C W Howden

B D Calvert

T Major

William Lister

George Tomlinson

T Tomlinson


[Every year since the end of the First World War, except in 1968, a serving British soldier has been killed.  Between October 2001 and July 2011 there have been 377 military deaths of United Kingdom personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq, 290 of whom were under age 30.]




The honoured memory of the men of this parish who served their country in the great war. 1914 - 1919.



H. Armitage          

E. Armitage          

J.E. Atkinson         

T. Atkinson           

C.H. Atkinson        

F.W. Curson          

E.J. Foxton            

P. Lee                   

L. Robinson           

J.W. Tomlinson      

C. Tomlinson         



C. Blanchard         

L. Howden             

J. Sharpe              

J.A. Whiteley         



L. Beverley

Ben Gill

B. Gill

H. Kirlew

W.J. Lister

J. Newsome

G. Pratt

R. Sergeant

E. Sergeant

H. Sergeant

T. Simmonds

J. Stephenson

W. Waslin


SOUTH DUFFIELD                    

C. Blanchard

L. Howden            

J. Sharpe              

J.A. Whiteley



R. Major


"Faithful Unto Death."



In Loving Memory of John Harrison,

Corporal,  East Riding Yorkshire Yeomanry
Born at Hemingbrough Grange 8th April 1895
Died in Cairo, Egypt 17th May 1916 on active service

Hemingbrough Memorials